SaylorWolf Watercolor

painting and illustration by Rhonda Saylor Wolf

watercolor seasons

My name is Rhonda. I'm an art supply addict.

I love collecting and trying out new art supplies. Opening a new sketchbook to the first clean page or making a color chart with a fresh set of paints or pens is a little slice of heaven to me. To justify my ever-growing collection, I draw and paint a lot. Fortunately, I love doing that, too. All my supplies are handy in a little attic studio that my husband calls my "playpen". I spend many happy hours there painting, doodling, listening to John Williams soundtracks, and decorating pages in my illustrated journals.

My husband and I live in the Town of Vermont, a quiet little place near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. When I'm not playing in my studio, I love wandering the woods around our house to listen to birds, see what flowers are blooming, or find a shady spot to sketch. I'm also a big fan of driving around the woods on our ATV.

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watercolor seasons

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