I don't call myself an "artist".   If I did, this page would be written in the third person – haha. I'm just someone who has loved to draw and paint since getting my first box of crayons. Over the years, I have filled a pile of binders, sketchbooks, and journals with paintings, doodles, and memories. I'm a developer by day, so I have this website for tinkering with coding things. It's a handy place to share my art. I change the site around a lot, because I can.

I live in the Town of Vermont, an out-of-the-way place near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. A cozy loft in our attic serves as a studio – my husband calls it my "playpen".   I spend many happy hours there painting postcards, listening to John Williams soundtracks, changing my website, and decorating pages in my illustrated journals. When I'm not hiding out in my loft, I like wandering in the woods to get some fresh air, listen to birds, and see what flowers are blooming. I'm also a big fan of driving around on our ATV.

Our House in Spring Watercolor Journal Page by Rhonda Saylor Wolf

our house in the spring