I don't like to call myself an "artist", because I don't like to talk about myself in the third person (haha). But seriously, I don't take art too seriously. In my mind, I'm just someone who has loved to draw and paint since getting my first box of crayons. I like the process of sitting quietly with a subject, getting to know it well enough to put it on paper. Mother Nature is an endless source of inspiration, but it isn't hard for me to find something to draw. Everywhere I look, I see interesting things to paint. I first learned about illustrated journaling in 2012. It's a way of keeping a diary that's more about pictures, less about words. For me, it was love at first sight. I have a growing stack of sketchbooks filled with paintings, doodles, and memories.

I live in the Town of Vermont, an out-of-the-way place near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. A cozy loft in our attic makes a perfect studio/hideout – my husband calls it the "playpen".   I spend many happy hours there playing with art supplies and decorating pages in my illustrated journals. There's usually a John Williams soundtrack playing in the background. When I'm not hiding out in my loft, I like wandering in the woods to get some fresh air, listen to birds, and see what's blooming. I'm also a big fan of driving around on our ATV.

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