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Whether I'm working on a formal watercolor painting or decorating a page in my illustrated journal, I prefer to paint things that make me smile. Much of my inspiration comes from Mother Nature – she makes the best art! I also like whimsical subjects, holiday themes, inspirational quotes, and other cheerful things, especially if it involves using a full rainbow of colors from my palette. It seems like there's always something new I want to try, so I usually have at least one-too-many projects going on!

Spring Things

North American Bird Eggs | Watercolor Paintings by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Wisconsin Things | Watercolor State Symbols by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Spring Robin and Wood Violets | Watercolor Painting by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Happy Spring | Watercolor Sketchbook Painting by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Bluebird and Redbud | ACEO Bird Watercolor Painting by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Crunchy Chicks | Watercolor Paintings by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Easter Branch | Watercolor Tree Branch with Easter Egg and Birds by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Spring Gardening | Watercolor Sketchbook Page by Rhonda Saylor Wolf
Bloodroot | Watercolor Journal Page - Vermont, Wisconsin by Rhonda Saylor Wolf


In 2010, I set up a print shop on Etsy with no idea of what to expect. Then I got an order! It was fun and inspiring to realize that people were willing to trade their money for a piece of my art. But all good things, as they say, must end. Etsy is always changing, and during a particularly big change in 2017, I decided to stop trying to keep up with them. There's only so many hours in a day, after all. I can still print fine art reproductions, greeting cards, ACEO mini-prints, and decorative posters right in my studio. Just send me a note at the email address shown on my card.

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If you decide you'd like to own some SaylorWolf Art, you'll be making a valuable contribution to my art supply fund smile

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watercolor seasons

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