SaylorWolf Watercolors

painting and illustration by Rhonda Saylor Wolf

watercolor seasons


One day while browsing around on the internet, I ran across photos of someone's Moleskine sketchbook. They had it filled with little drawings from their day-to-day life, like a diary with pictures. One link led to another, and I that's how I discovered "illustrated journaling". In all my years of drawing and painting, it had never once occurred to me to do art in such a personal and private way – where it could be just for me, and I might be the only person to ever see it. The very next day, I went out to pick up a sketchbook and some journaling tools.

Since then, painting has become my way of keeping a diary (like Picasso said). I have filled several sketchbooks, scrapbooks, and binders with paintings, doodles, and memories. With a little technology magic, I can put my journal illustrations to good use making prints and cards for family and friends – and sometimes customers, too   :)   But mostly, it's nice to imagine someone else browsing around the internet, finding one of my pages, and getting inspired to buy a sketchbook and some art supplies of their own. It's the least I can do in return for all the inspiration I've gotten from other artists. Thanks for visiting!

watercolor seasons

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